The Most Anticipated Collaboration Ever!! Sikander Kahlon x DJ Surinder Rattan

For all the enthusiasts of hip-hop and rap, and the people who hold rap in a view that is almost comparable to the faith people put in religion, to get ready! There is soon going to be a collaboration that is going to shake the hip-hop culture and the whole hip-hop music industry. So all the hip hop artist be on the lookout for this music.

The collaboration is none other than the talented Sikander Kahlon and the versatile DJ Surinder Rattan. This image was put up by Sikander on his Social Media! They are soon releasing a song together and it’s going to be nothing like what the usual hip-hop music sounds like. It is going to be awesome! If we believe what we are told, it will make you groove all day and all night and will fill you with so much energy that if you feel, you would not stop dancing and grooving.

To know more about Sikander Kahlon. We would recommend you to check out his journey article.

About the Artist: DJ Surinder Rattan

The Bhangra scene in the UK was single-handed altered by Surinder Rattan in 2000 through his ‘Garage-Fusion Tape’ spearheading the combination of house music with UK Bhangra. After the release of the above, it set in motion a mass wave of engrossment for thousands if not lakhs of people to this genre of music. It initiated a global trend and music infatuation in mixing together the one of a kind sounds of Bhangra and Two Step Garage. The launch of Surinder’s music ‘The Lick’ was launching pad for the first Asian Two-Step MC “Metz” and gave a much-needed recognition and a premiere for the famous RDB brothers. Artists such as Roach Killa, Garry Sandhu, say their launch into the music industry was because of Surinder. With many more artist who will follow the path under his guidance…

Surinder Rattan has added another designation to his name, that of being one of the best producers in the British Asian music scene. Albums such as ‘Kala Kala Munda’, ‘Tappe 2’, ‘Ambersaria’, ‘Akh Largai’, ‘Yaara Dil Dara’, and lately albums like ‘Dil De De Dil, ‘Ik Gal Remix, Oh Girl..’, ‘OMG’ and ‘Has Has’. The above albums have once again transformed the music scene with a new sound of dance combined with bhangra. The album “OMG” reached the number 1 position in the UK Club Charts at the No. 1 Spot!