Anthem For The North East | The Voice Of A New Generation


I would like to begin this literary piece by quoting the YouTube description of the video, “It’s the voice of the street, the voice of a generation, the voice of a new revolution. Hip Hop Homeland North East travels to Shillong, where we track the state of the underground hip hop movement in an often forgotten corner of the country.


All the headliners from North East which include Feyago, Cryptographik Street Poets, Khasi Bloodz, Symphonic Movement and Stunnah Beatz come together for the Anthem For The North East. A sincere from the heart shout out to Hip Hop Homeland for getting the best from the scene together for this massive collaboration.

This edition is different from the one they did for Bombay in which they focused on individual artists, in this edition they got all the artists together and helped them create a buffet catering lyrics. Stunnah Beatz is probably one of the top 3 Hip-Hop producers in the country and he produced a fire instrumental which can also be called as a spitters instrumental. The verses are hard and have a very old school feel to them. These dudes are not afraid to take names but not in a way to diss them but just saying that they are as good as them.


The following bars are an example :

I disfigure every rapper in this industry in India,
I don’t give a shit you Honey, Brodha who?? Big Deal or Krsna the rapper?

The labels are laughin’
Thinkin’ they can’t go wrong
Everybody knows Divine
Still nobody know D-Mon

This is authentic and pure Hip Hop from Shillong. From what I know about the Hip-Hop scene in India, Hip-Hop was prevalent in North East long before it was in any other part of the country. North East should be as known as any other part of the country for it’s contributions towards Hip-Hop.

The following is what Feyago shared about his journey in this project :

Hip Hop Homeland is 101 India’s project where we try and discover raw hip hop from various regions of India. In the North East series, we follow my journey from Kolkata to Shillong, collaborating with some of the finest rappers from the East on one track and a Baul folk singer on another track. The aim is to explore the lives of lesser known, furiously talented rap artists who deserve as much, if not more focus than their mainstream counterparts. HHH NE is all about expressing the voice of a new generation.