Another ‘Raaj Jones X-clusive’ Is About To Come Out Soon.

Raaj Jones has been a hip-hop soldier from a very long time now. A guy who loves to know everything about an artist has cemented his position as one of the finest hip-hop interviewers in the business right now. His segment ‘Raaj Jones X-clusive‘ is popular as well. As the name suggests, Raaj Jones picks some unreleased tracks by his favourite artists and releases them through his channel to increase his fan base. We have witnessed the releases of Sikander Kahlon‘s ‘Not To Be Fu*ked With‘, Haji Springer‘s ‘Tu Bhi‘ and Kamesh ‘Rob C’ Chawla‘s ‘Heavyweight‘ in this segment but what’s coming next is different.

Sultaan, Raaj Jones and Oye Sheraa

Raaj announced that a new ‘Raaj Jones X-clusive’ is about to come. The artists featuring on it are Sultan and Oye Sheraa. Sultan needs no recognition in the music scene as he has been doing it for a very long time now and holds a decent fan base already. Oye Sheraa, on the other hand, got the limelight from his release ‘Night Out‘ which featured Delhi Kid with him. ‘Khottey Sikkey‘ is expected to be a positive hip-hop track which is written by Sultan and produced by Oye Sheraa.

In my conversation with Sultan, he told me that

“It talks about the young emcees who have misinterpreted hip-hop and making music purely on getting high on weed and drugs”.