Anik Khan Tries to Find His Cleopatra


Rapper Anik Khan is an interesting mix of a Queens bred Bengali boy who explores every space through his music. He released his EP in July 2015, called ‘I Don’t Know Yet’ and has been releasing music non stop. While the full length project may only be out in 2017, Anik is offering his latest single called “Cleopatra”.


Anik is looking for his Cleopatra in the song, which is co-produced by Melo-X. Snippets of the song ‘Jiya Jale’ from the Bollywood movie Dil Se ,scored by A.R. Rahman, float in the song which add’s a lush bed for Anik’s melody.

He talks about how every King needs a Queen when he raps, “Tell me that you love me, make sure that you mean it/I’ve been going through some things and god knows I need it/See, I can’t fight this fight alone/Every ruler needs a you at home”. His sentiments of being a ruler translates well when he reflects on wanting to help people more with what he gets through his work. Anik explains how his heart lies in helping immigrants who are new and who almost always end up working at a Dunkin Donuts outlet because their neighbours asked them to. According to Anik, these immigrants lack a guiding hand and he wants to be that for them. Using his success for others’ progress is an admirable thought.