Amazing Desi Hip Hop Parodies

Parodies are hilarious to start and the humor in them is creativity at it’s best. In this article we will look at my personal favorite three parodies in the Desi Hip Hop scenes. Parodies is a sub genre where the artists makes fun of the project originally created by the artist usually by copying the same work and adding a comedy take on it.Amazing Desi Hip Hop Parodies

Agent Kalia – Blue Eyes

Agent Kalia is one well known parody maker and this is a very funny parody. On the original instrumental of Honey Singh Agent Kalia goes undercover as Honey Singh himself and he replicates the video in a perfect parodical way. Mends the lyricism in to desi comedy .
“Blue eyes teri nakli lagti menu”

AwesomeHarami – Amplifier ( Main Tera Batman )

The classic Imran Khan track that every body used to bump is taken to the next level with Batman remixing it. Awesome Harami tries his best to copy batman’s use and also mends the lyricism just like Batman would do and adds comedy as the main ingredient. The video is freaking hilarious with the performer just having fun in the snow.
“Please note that this is only made for fun and is not in any way meant to make fun of Imran Khan”
– AwesomeHarami

Hindi Rap Guru – Kya Issey Kehte Hain Hip Hop

Ashish Karhade being the uploader who uploaded this. I really don’t know about the brillant artist who made this but props to him for on point lyricism. The original track by Honey Singh just got slayed by the parody done by the performer. With the whole concept being twisted this definitely is one of my favorites on the list. The track is dubbed over the original video. The performer seems to be a die hard fan of Badshah and this might be his take on whose better Honey Singh or Badshah.

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