Aman$udan’s “Pyaar 3x” Is A Dulcet Hip-Hop Track


Aman Sudan, styled as Aman$udan, is a Toronto, Canada based hip-hop artist from Mumbai, India. He has been dropping tracks like “Mahiya Pathar“, “Boom Boom” and others from a very long time now. As a matter of fact, Aman’s sound is a fusion of hip-hop and RnB music. Easily understandable lyrics composed with some seriously euphonious melodies is what Aman$udan likes to deliver to his audience.

Similarly, his latest release “Pyaar 3x“, follows the same pattern of sound. “Pyaar 3x”, as the name suggests, stands for “Pyaar Pyaar Pyaar“. In other words, “Pyaar 3x” is a love track. The cover art used above is specifically enough to spin your heads. “Pyaar 3x” features Aman$udan’s Auto-tune driven vocal layers on a trap instrumental. It is definitely difficult to get along with the track initially but “Pyaar 3x” holds some melodies which will stick in your heads. “Pyaar 3x” is an audio release but you’ll not miss the video at all.

Significant lyrics from the track:

“Thodi si pee li par teri sau main hun sober,
Pyar ka saboot tu rakh le video par,
Jee le meri hokar”

Listen “Pyaar 3x” by Aman$udan here: