Alone On This Valentine’s Day? Check Out These Heart-Break Songs From The Underground #ValentinesDaySpecial

Everyone loves to be loved but not everyone is destined to stay with their love. Valentine’s Day is widely celebrated by lovers worldwide but if you are feeling left out just because you were betrayed, this is just the right place for you right now.

We’ve tried to find some of the illest underground rap songs that are going to cover your side of the story. These are not the top ones but we strongly believe that these are the best ones for this day.


Vansh Mankoo aka The Hustle King or The ‘HK’ dropped this track in 2013. Kala Kurta Gang member who was known for portraying love in a very emotional way went on a hiatus suddenly and left this beautiful track for us. Dixant Shaurya opens up this track with a kickass hook that transits into an amazing verse by The ‘HK’. “Tere jaan to baad sukhi tere layi main/Todeya si dil mera tu, par etthe nikki gallan te vekhe dil tutde kai main” closes up the track on an emotional note. ‘Karam’ was mixed at K2 Studios and is filled with deep lyricism and emotions.

Listen to ‘Karam’ by The ‘HK’ here:


Sankalp Chaturvedi aka San Cha dropped his mixtape ‘#KehDiToKehDi‘ in the January of 2016. This mixtape featured ‘Hijr (Separation)‘ which is considered as one of his best heartbreak tracks. He took the blame on himself by avoiding a sense of aggression on his partner. Basically, this track is all about self-realisation and feeling depressed. “Kyun tu wo dhundti hai mujh mein jo nahi zinda/Main jaise ek pinjra, tu parinda” is one of the best lines on the track before the poetry on the outro section kicks in. He closed the track by saying: “Koi banaye to meri kismat kuch yun banaye, Main hijr mein bikhar jaun koi usko na bataye, Koi talash karna chahe to talash kar na paye, Chun-chun ke mere tukde poori laash kar na paaye”. 

Listen to ‘Hijr (Separation)’ by San Cha here:


Nadir Siddiqui aka Chen-K is one of the best storytellers out there. ‘Saalgirah‘ came out in the January of this year and features one of the best vocal switches in the underground music. If you feel betrayed and want to scream out your rage, this one is for you. ‘Saalgirah’ is full of frustration and anger which sounds destructive but is being controlled by his love for her. He shouts on her and suddenly starts questioning her with a soft vocal tone. Chen-K dropped this one on her birthday to tell her that everything has shifted on a negative side for him since the time she left. You can easily see his veins in the video.

Watch ‘Saalgirah’ by Chen-K here:


We know that boys are not always right. So, this mention is for every girl out there who was loyal but decided to part ways from her love just because he was way too careless and lacked emotions. ‘Her Song‘ came out as a promotional single off Veer Karan‘s ‘Rags To Riches‘ and featured Sikander Kahlon. Veer Karan’s verse on this track is from a female’s perspective in which he talks about how she was trying hard to make him realise that she’ll leave and how he never cared. Lines like “Horaan naal main rovan tere geetan nu sun sunke/Mud ayi na tur jayi ho jaye band meri nabaz” clearly shows her frustration.

Watch ‘Her Song’ by Veer Karan here:


It’s about the pain that their love gave them and vanished away with time. In any case, what remained are the scars that their adoration left on their spirit.  The Ray‘s bars like “Jalda main din raat vich teri hi udeek/Pyar tu mera, main mangda ni bheek” and M.Zhe‘s bars like “Meri hi qalam ne banaya tujhe apsara, guzra kal, tu aane wale kal ka tapsra” are amazing. This track features samples from ‘Tere Pyaar Mein‘ by Falak Shabbir and was produced by San Cha. If you think you’ve had enough of love, this one is for you.

Watch ‘Akhri Vaar’ by The Ray and M.Zhe here:

We know heartbreaks are not easy to come out from but we hope to see you all happy. Just remember, everything happens for a reason.