‘All I Need’ By Ikka is Coming Your Way!


Ankit Singh Patial aka Ikka has become an idol for the people who follow his music. Half Window Down  fame artist Ikka Singh is not a new name in the music industry. His tracks like In Da Club, Jawani Le Doobi’, ‘Humne Pee Rakhi Hai’, ‘Billi Kat Gayee’ and Pani Wala Dancehave already  been featured in the Bollywood. After working with famous names like ‘Gaurav Dayal’, ‘Diljit Singh’, ‘Lil’ Golu’, ‘Sunny Leone’, ‘Jaz Dhami’, ‘Milind Gaba’, ‘Dr. Zeus’ and others, his reputation as a recording artist left a mark in the industry. As a lyricist, he has written tracks like ‘Fan Bhagat Singh Da’ which got critical acclamation. His songs ‘Sapne’ & ‘This Singh Is So Stylish’ were also featured on MTV Spoken Word. His less famous song ‘Main Hoon Ikka’ which was produced by JSL Singh is still considered as his best work in the underground rap music scene.


Ikka is all set to put out his new single All I Needon November 4th, 2016. The teaser of his upcoming song was released yesterday on YouTube and the hype it created is sky high. The composition and the music for the track are done by Rajat Nagpal who has also produced music for Guru Randhawa in the past. The single is going to be released under the music label ‘T-Series’ and the video for the song was shot by KayDee.

His last single Half Window Down’ was a blend of R&B and Hip-Hop which helped him in targeting the listeners who love both of these genres. We’re expecting the same from ‘All I Need’ and we believe that this single is going to help him in reaching a mass audience and from the teaser, it looks like it’s something that we’ve been waiting for.

Ikka’s work has always been impressive and fascinating but he has not achieved the level of fame that his former teammates from Mafia Mundeer have. Raftaar has been working with Manj Musik who supported him in his journey of achieving fame. Badshah earned his fame through Sony Music Entertainment India and for Honey Singh there aren’t enough reasons for his success. All of them have their respective skills but along with that, you need hard work and luck together to achieve success. But that’s just our opinion. They say “Everything happens for a reason”, we guess his reason is waiting for him somewhere near in the future.

See the teaser of ‘All I Need’ by Ikka here :