Akash And John Gill Drop ‘Hardwork’ For Their Fans!


Akash Maggo and John Gill dropped ‘Hardwork‘ a few days ago and it’s their first track that reached out to me. John Gill, Akash Maggo and Stardom are members of a Ludhiana-based crew ‘Tru$ign‘. They have been in the rap music scene for a while now. It was Harry Cheema who inspired and encouraged them to go behind the mic for their previous release ‘Saade Baare‘. This is the second time they’ve worked with Harry Cheema and the beat that he has produced is impressive. “Hun kehan lokaan nu Akash mera yaar ae, Waqt siga aukha par kadey manni na main haar ae” delivers a sense of self-realization and determination towards achieving a great fortune.

John Gill’s delivery is better than Akash on this track and there’s no second thought on that. His previous track ‘Guru‘ was an experimental track that every rapper does when kicking off the journey. He has improved a lot since then. Their crew did the video for the track which is not too flashy or expensive and goes well with it. Their next drop is planned with Prince Sehmbi of which we’ll talk about in another article soon.

Watch ‘Hardwork’ by Akash Maggo and John Gill here: