Adro’s New EP ‘No Fux’ Is Bomb

I know Adro since 2011, at that time the entire underground including myself was trying to establish ourselves as English rappers. He was among the rare few who believed in pursuing vernacular rap. He was a part of battles and cyphers and spent infinitesimal time perfecting his craft. It was around that time he joined Mumbai’s Finest. I have had conversations with him in which he has told me about his struggles in finding a producer or a beat. Just when he decided to try his hand at the production he came to know that he failed his exams and his health also took a turn for the bad. He took some time off and decided to pay attention to what was important back then.

adro no fux

It is very clear that he was dying to make a comeback and he started paying attention to rap again. Finally six years later, he has dropped a 5 track album called, ‘No Fux’. It is written, produced, mixed and mastered by him. My favourite track from the album is One side and it is as abstract as abstract can get.

The following is what Adro said about the production of his album “I thought to myself, if i can be around for so long and know the process so well, why can’t I try and make a beat? Then, will the help of the internet and my fellow producers, I started making beats and decided that I will drop a solo Album. I learnt to do everything on my own and very proud of what I have created.#NOFUX is an album written, recorded, mixed, mastered and produced by me. Absolutely, No Fux was given while doing this. So here’s presenting my debut album. Fux yall if yall ain’t feeling it.

1- One side
2- Khatarnaak
3- Deta na fuxk
4- Hardcore AF
5- Fux you