“Adhoora” By Harass Is Pure Poetry.


I received, “Adhoora” by Harass in my mail and it sounds good. The track has received appreciation from a lot of folks from the underground and it deserves all of it and even more. Hindi rap is gaining recognition in the country like never before and “Adhoora” is rock solid proof that the newcomers are putting in their efforts.

The beat is dope and the production quality is top notch. There is a very clear reflection of poetry in his lyrics and the crispy delivery brings out the best in it. The hook game is on point too. It is good to see newcomers not compromising on their lyrical integrity and preserving the actual essence of hip-hop. The only thing which this track was lacking is a good hip-hop video. This is what Harass told me about his track:

“Hey …. so this is my 3rd official track name “Adhoora” which already says that it’s incomplete….My vision is of being the “Realest Hindi Rapper” ever. It’s like I always love “Sharafat Wali Hip-Hop” which is pure poetry with unadulterated knowledge and also has some sort of message for the society… This is what hip hop is all about. I have my own lyrics so you gotta hear them calmly. The underground is striving to hard to be heard, if y’all wont listen then who will ??”

Check out the track right here: