Ace Drops Shattered Dreams Ft. RAH

Ace from Mumbais Finest drops ‘Shattered Dreams’ featuring RAH aka Rahsan Scott. Ace has been in the grind for around a decade, I remember having a conversation with demoralized Ace around 2 to 3 years ago where he expressed his dissatisfaction with his achievements and accolades and well now 5 Radio City Freedom Awards, a collaboration with A.R.Rahman and Salim-Sulaiman later he has dropped a track which ignites the purpose of a human to pursue his dream.


futi meri kismat, par na jhooti hai yeh fithraath,
aaj bhi karke mehnaat, maine apni badli hai kismat
uski rehmaat, uski khidmat, se hai nafraat se pyaar
rehna sehmaat, aur ek had tak, varna harkaat pe vaar

The lyricism backs up the fact why Ace calls himself Mumbais Finest and ‘Shattered Dreams’ is probably one of the best examples of how to structure your track. RAH has added the soulful chorus and it takes the whole track to a different level and his vocals have an impeccable throw. The production is on point and the acoustics suit the message being delivered.

The track comes with a good video and it portrays how Ace is introspecting on his journey thus far and how he will take it further. Plan B Productions have done a great job on the video and will wait for more work by them.

Check out the track right here :