Aawaaz | Pardesiya x Meraki | Prod. Sound Shikari (Video)


Here we have Meraki and Pardesiya with their new track, ‘Aawaaz‘. These newcomers have some heavy punches and content. When you add Sound Shikari to the above-mentioned duo, you know the outcome is going to be interesting.

aawaaz pardesiya meraki

The track is sick. Both of these rappers have a sick flow and are different from each other which adds a specific assortment to the track. For newcomers, they have a rather sharpened skill set and if you listen to the delivery you can figure out that they came to the studio prepared. Everything about the track is spot on but maybe the mix required another stack of vocals for both the rappers or maybe the ad-libs should have been punched in harder.

The instrumental by Sound Shikari is fire and love the elements used. The uptempo synth requires a groovy flow which both the rappers were able to deliver. It is great to see the type of variety which Sound Shikari can deliver, anything from Trap to Boom Bap.

Meraki and Pardesiya have done a great job on this track. With everything said they still know that there is always scope for improvement and it is that little improvement which can help them in reaching new heights.