Aakarshit’s ‘Yaad’ Winning Hearts This Valentine’s

Aakarshit Dureja is an Underground hip-hop artist from the streets of New Delhi. He started writing back in 2010 when he was 10 years old and was more into writing poetries and socially inclined stuff. He heard Bohemia in 2011 and started rapping his self-written poetries. Aakarshit formed a group in 2013 with his schoolmates and named it ‘Jam‘ and started recording and making music. In the year 2014, he stepped in into the game and released back to back tracks. by the end of 2014, he decided to go solo because of some misunderstandings amongst the groupmates.

In 2015, he dropped his mixtape ‘Geetkar‘ which helped him gain some recognition in the underground scene. In 2016, he dropped ‘Mr.Fuckless‘ giving him more listeners and finally, he decided to drop an EP this year.
In a conversation with him, he told me that he actually enjoys writing, rather than focusing only on rap. His main focus is on being versatile and giving something new to the listeners every time.

Almost every song he makes has a story connected to it and that maybe the reason his listeners vibe with him better than others. He told me that there was a time in when he was going through lots of ups and downs in his personal life, he said, “To get away from all those things I use to sleep a lot. I found this beat the other day and the hook came out to me straight away. After a few more jams I made the structure and wrote the lyrics and the next day recorded and mixed it.” The video was done by Naman Jain aka (NJ ART).

He wanted to thank his mother especially because being unsure if the track would be perfect for his Valentine, it was his mother who suggested him to do it as she liked the track and knew the reason behind him feeling low. He did a fab job as each and every line of this track reminds you something about your love. “Yaad teri firse kyun aane laagi/Yaad teri firse satane laagi” shows his deep emotions and everyone can relate their story to this fabulous track.

Listen  ‘YAAD’ by AAKARSHIT here: