Video Premiere – A Crash Course On Rap | Em-O-Jay


Here we have the debut of Em-O-Jay with ‘A Crash Course On Rap‘. There is no denying that the title is provocative but once you start listening to it you would fully agree that the content is exactly what the title is.


A few (including me) who read the title might perceives it as ‘I am the champion, let me give you a crash course on Rap‘ sort of vibe but after you press play you just might be impressed how the artists has described the various technical attributes of the art of rapping in lyrics. For a newcomer it is not a bad attempt at all, lots of improvement needed, but a solid start. There are a few noticeable glitches when you start paying attention to fluency, delivery and flow but all of these thingsĀ can be worked on and perfected.

However for someone debuting in English he has pretty incredible vocabulary and he packs a rock solid composition, both of these things are something which a lot of your favourite artists are still trying to perfect. The track comes with a really catchy chorus.

Em-O-Jay has a few very powerful characteristics in his skill set and a few which need polishing. If he is able to tighten just a few things in his verse then he might become one of the better English rappers which the scene might have seen in a long time.