Video Premiere – Bobby Singh Johnson (Unofficial Remix) | A Attri


A long time ago when Sikander Kahlon used to drop Sikander Saturday‘s he dropped a track called Bobby Singh Johnson which features other members from the KKG crew ‘Sady Immortal‘ ‘Navi Virk‘ and it was on Sikander’s weekly series. It is due to efforts such as those comprising of several mixtapes and singles he has reached where he is.


Sikander made many fans from that series and A Attri was one of them. He decided to jump on the very same track 2 years later and does a fairly good job, almost as good as the original. The video starts on a low note when he drops the disclaimer that this is not an official remix and that KKG is not affiliated with this project.

A Attri picks up like a champ and states :

Menu patta metto agge kaun……Koi ni

The first few bars comprise of comparisons of him being unique in a very straightforward manner. The rest of the bars have him bragging and boasting just like any other Joe but the way he delivers it makes him different. The dude is blessed with a very distinguished voice which can be experimented with different flows. This is a fairly good attempt and it is evident that he strives for perfection.

Another small issue which could be raised is that in the very same disclaimer in the beginning in which he declared KKG’s non-affiliation with this release he also mentions that he has used this verse in a previous commercial project. This might be a problem for few but not for me, I have seen plenty of your favorite rappers spit the same freestyle in front of different people and what’s further embarrassing is that they depict it as if they are going off the dome. I think this type of recycling is perfectly acceptable for at least the first few tracks by an upcoming underground artist.

Check this out right here :