Fateh Doe – “Naiyo Jaan De”


Fateh Doe – “Naiyo Jaan De” Fateh Doe is one of the sickest rappers in the game right now and his latest release “Naiyo Jaan De” proves it. Fateh,was bought up in California but currently resides in Toronto. Despite his…

Fateh, Sunny Malton & Movin’ Cool – I Don’t Like


Fateh, Sunny Malton, Movin’ Cool, Noyz & the BrownMagician go hard with “I Don’t Like” on this Kanye West, Cheif Keef Cover!!  Get your FREE DOWNLOAD and follow these kats!! Follow: https://twitter.com/BrownMagician https://twitter.com/FatehDoe https://twitter.com/Sunnymaltonn https://twitter.com/NoyzHipHop Directed By Flavour Media http://www.facebook.com/FlavourMedia

Fateh Singh


Fateh, formally known as Young Fateh, is a California native who currently resides in Toronto. Despite his hometown, Fateh has been welcomed in Toronto and is currently one of the leading Desi acts within the city! Reflecting on when he…