“7 Years” Remix By MaxHouse And Saby Is Out Now

Delhi-based hip-hop artist Saby and MaxHouse did a remix of Lukas Graham’s “7 Years”. As a matter of fact, “7 Years” is a mixture of two genres- pop – electronic dance and hip-hop. This fusion, moreover, has a deep meaning with yourself or anyone who can relate to “7 Years”.

Saby literally expressed his background. On the other hand, MaxHouse literally tried to create those chills in the track to create a perfect combination to the audience’s ears. MaxHouse mixed it up with various instruments and synths to make it interesting while not killing the hip-hop vibes in the dedicated verse.

Both of these artists are the members of The Truth Youth. It is a platform where they are trying to bring artists from all fields. Whether be is a rapper, singer, writer or any other type of artist. According to them, having all kinds of artists on a single stage will definitely help them sharing each other’s audience. Being an independent artist, they know what it takes to reach.

Saby tried to keep the scenario of the song as it was trying to explain what happened to him at different ages. The first definition of rap music in his life was story telling. So, he did that as it was going best according to the vibes of the song too. He didn’t want to boast his life struggles or anything. He’ll prove everything with his hard work. His verse is easily understandable if one listens with full attention.

Significant Lyrics Of Saby’s Verse:

“Mai well-wisher ohna saareya da jehde kehnde naal naiyo koi mere
Kala bs haige nehde saamb laanga kamm tere,
Kari jao kamm jehde changge taanu lggan
Mai reha ravan labban, ‘the Truth Youth’ mera rukh
Fard lo ve jihnu dukh es system to, jehde victims ho”.

These two boys are doing a really good job. They are working hard so that they can help other independent artists as well. Desi hip-hop will surely be going to support these boys as it is for hip-hop.

Listen to their record and enjoy this beautiful fusion. Leave your feedback in the comments section too.

Stream “7 Years” By MaxHouse And Saby  Here: