50 Cent Could Face A Lawsuit For Punching A Female Fan!

50 Cent is known for his aggressive persona. The “G-Unit” vibe was recently seen when he was performing with The Lox at “The Baltimore Soundstage”. During his performance, he ventured towards the crowd in an attempt to shake hands with his fans. Out of excitement, a female fan grabbed his hand which lead him to fall from the stage. 50 then instantly punched the fan in hopes of getting himself free from the fan.

50 Cent "Punches a Fan" Image

After the incident, 50 even invited the fan on stage and she went on to twerk for everyone present at the venue. After the incident, everyone thought the consequences of the incident are settled. Later, the fan who was punched in her chest, Donnetta Derr, suggested on filing a lawsuit on the rapper. According to a report, Derr’s legal representative, after taking a trip to visit her in the hospital, made a statement and called 50’s act “Cowardly.”

This is not the first time 50 Cent has had a run-in with a fan. His most notorious run-in was witnessed in 2004 when a fan threw a plastic water bottle at him. As a result of that, you’ll see how the situation dies down towards the end.

Watch the footage from “The Baltimore Soundstage” of 50 Punching a female fan right on the stage here.