5 Patriotic Desi Hip Hop Tracks Made For Republic Day

Rap lyrics can be very blunt almost like a steak to the heart sometimes, no more so than when it comes to rappers making tracks about their country, i.e. patriotic rap. Desi rappers are very good at wordplay and some of the sickest bars ever can be found in desi hip hop tracks. Many artists puts their heart and soul into making a patriotic song and that can be felt when we listen to these following patriotic desi hip hop tracks.

1) San Cha- Rang De ft. The-R-Hit and Mr. Saxena

This song came out on the Independence Day in 2015. San Cha made this song for an organisation “People For Bhagat Singh”, whose motive is to let people know that Shaheed Bhagat Singh was a hero who literally helped India to get independence. Actually, there are not many people who even know the day Bhagat Singh Ji was born. So, this song is to remind the people about the contribution of people like Bhagat Singh, Raj Guru, Sukhdev Singh had. This track features introductory line and outro lines once quoted by Bhagat Singh Ji. Lyrically this song is among the best ever written songs in my views.


2) ‘Salam Haq Se’ A tribute to Indian Army by Fazilpuria

As the name suggests this is a ‘Thank You’ song for the Indian Army. Fazilpuria has written this song very beautifully, each and every line praises the Indian security forces in the right manner. “Khadi sarhad pe fauj hai, Tabhi teri mauj hai” this line is a universal truth, we are nothing without our Indian Army. We can never thank them enough for what they do for us and for our Bharat Mahaan, Salute!


3) Inquilab Zindabad- Shaikhspeare

Shaikhspeare is a rapper from Mumbai and he is a 5-time winner of “Monster Battle Rap” that shows that how sick he can go with his bars and you will realise that after watching his track Inquilab Zindabad. This song talks about the rise of fascism and how political groups in India rob the general public. Shaikhspeare clearly disses our political system and yet kept the patriotism the right way. “Bhagwan ko dil me jagah nahi kya mandir or gurudware” these words pretty much outline the current scene in India where people are always running for the money.


4) Shaheedi- Sikandar Kahlon(prod. By Harm Sandhu)

Sikander Kahlon needs no introduction, he has some of the finest desi hip hop songs ever created. By this song, Kahlon reaches yet another milestone; this song is one of his best in my opinion. This song asks us not to forget the “Shaheedi” of the martyrs of our country, he also talks about Sikh’s Sacrifices in the past and blends it with the sacrifice of Shaheed Bhagat Singh Ji.


5) Unhey C*od Do- Pardhaan

Now here comes a song from our the desi Haryanvi rapper Pardhaan. He is just threatening the enemies of India by warning them with the phrase “Jo kare sainiko ka tiraskar, unhe c*od do”. I have never seen any warning more clear, blunt and straightforward than this one. This song tells us about the hardships our Indian Army faces just to keep us safe.


Desi Hip Hop Salutes Our Armed Forces For Everything They’ve Done For Us.