5 Most Expensive Jewellery In Hip-Hop

Hip-Hop was planned to spread knowledge. But, when it became a billion dollar industry, cash started to take a shape of bling. Hip-Hop and Bling are not related but the word ‘bling’ got the name from the rap culture itself. Gold was never a cheap thing to own but when you’re earnings are in millions, bling becomes peanuts.

Expensive jewellery that is owned by Hip-Hop artists is a trend itself. People try to buy a replica of the original jewellery that is owned by their favourite artists because it’s not easy to buy them. As November is celebrated as the ‘Hip-Hop History Month‘, we managed to gather some information on the five most expensive chains in the Hip-Hop history to share some knowledge with our Desi Hip-Hop family.

5. KANYE WEST’S ‘HORUS’ CHAIN ($300,000)

KW Horus
Kanye West is considered to be a psycho in Hip-Hop’s world. He went to Egypt a few years ago and fell in love with Horus who is one of the oldest Egyptian deities who was half bird and half man. Kanye liked it so much that he bought a jewellery with Horus’ head to wear around his neck. This piece is estimated at around $300,000.

4.  T-PAIN’S ‘BAC’ CHAIN ($410,000)

NASHVILLE, TN - JUNE 16: Rapper T-Pain attends the 2009 CMT Music Awards at the Sommet Center on June 16, 2009 in Nashville, Tennessee. (Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images)
T-Pain’s ‘Big Ass Chain’ is definitely huge. With 197 carats of diamonds engraved in it, the chain is iconic itself. He is known for his relation with expensive jewellery from which this chain has alone cost him a good $410,000.



Sean Kingston’s version of crayons is not usual. A set of crayons made of diamonds is not a cheap thing to own. The set with different colours of diamonds cost him around $500,000. This is the same chain that was rumoured to be stolen but turned out to be a hoax although, in that incident, Sean lost his other chain that has a worth of $300,000.

2. MIKE JONES’ ‘ICE AGE’ CHAIN ($1,000,000)


This purchase by Mike Jones is considered as one of the dumbest purchase in the Hip-Hop world. The chain that’s holding all the ice is called a ‘Macaroni Shaped Chain’. This piece is studded with diamonds all over. Yes, all over on a 360-degree angle. With a Rolex Crown on the top, this piece’s minimum estimated value is around $1,000,000.

1. RICK ROSS’ ‘SELF’ CHAIN ($1,500,000)

at the 50th Annual Grammy Awards Westwood One Radio Remotes at Staples Center on Febuary 7, 2008 in Los Angeles, California.

Last but not the least is Maybach Music’s artist, Rick Ross. His ‘Self Chain’ is considered as the most expensive chain that the Hip-Hop music world has ever seen. This mini version of Ross is filled with Gold, Diamonds and other precious stones that swing on a chain that itself is around $100,000. This chain is estimated at $1,500,000 and has definitely won the top slot on our list.