5 Hip Hop Based TV Shows You Should Binge Watch!

Since its inception, Hip-Hop has made its way to the television industry of Hollywood. Some of the finest emcees from the game have featured in different roles for various TV shows. Taking us deep into the history and journey of the culture in the country and across the globe. Desi Hip Hop brings to you a list of 5 such Hip Hop based TV shows that are perfect for binge watching!


Premiering in September 2015 was the show ‘Empire’ on Fox channel. The story shows the rise of a former drug dealer, into the richest man in the music business. The show was rumoured to be loosely based on the life story of Puff Daddy. Featuring some of the finest actors including Taraji P. Henson, ‘Empire’ has moved to become the current favourite Hip Hop show. From vengeance to treachery and amazing music produced by the legend Timbaland, this show offers it all.

empire tv show


Comedy series ‘Atlanta’ features rapper Childish Gambino a.k.a. Donald Grover who has also co-written it. Currently ‘Atlanta’ has the fastest growing hip-hop scene, and the show tries to cover the same scenario. Childish Gambino plays an aspiring hip hop artist, who is being managed by his cousin and closest friend. The trials and tribulations of wanting to be a star are depicted well on the show.

atlanta tv show childish gambino


Recently launched on Vh1, TV show ‘The Breaks’ covers the 90’s era of hip hop music. The show sees three prime characters viz. Nikki, David and DeeVee trying to make it in the industry. Because of the time period it covers, the TV series makes you nostalgic. Reminding you what hip hop was like in the 90’s with all the gang and police violence at its peak.

the breaks tv show


‘The Get Down’ is a collaborative effort by Oscar-winner Catherine Martin, legendary rapper Nas and DJ Grandmaster Flash to name a few. It covers the period of time when Hip Hop was budding, and disco was dying out in the late 1970s. The story shows the rise of hip hop as a culture through art, music and dance in South Bronx, New York City. Actor Jaden Smith plays the role of Dizzee in the show.

the get down tv show


While it is not entirely based on hip hop as a culture, ‘The Wire’ has close ties to it. Based on the story of drug dealers from Baltimore city, it gives a picture perfect vision of what it is like to be a Black person growing up in the hoods of America. From gun violence to crack heads, the TV show gives an entire gist of the things that you hear in every other rap song. It also shows the story of aspiring rappers dealing drugs from a very young age.

the wire tv show