5 Desi Hip Hop Diss Tracks You Need To Hear

Disses, Rap Battles, Rap Beef whatever you like to call them, they have been considered as a crucial part of the Hip-Hop scene since its inception.

If you ever needed the proof of how bad opening your mouth in the hip hop will cost, just hit play on the tracks below.

With furious and fiery offerings from Sikander Kahlon, Xpolymer Dar, Guru Lahori, Bohemia, these songs are just a handful of examples of the most brutal diss tracks to drop in Desi Hip-Hop scene and we have a collection of the hottest which took the scene by storm..

1. I’m Ready- Sikander Kahlon

Target G freaky

Context– G-Freaky released a diss track ‘Gall Bat’ of his own aimed at Sikander Kahlon. In response to this track Sikander released I’m Ready ( A Message to “Ramu’) which describes how the former only raps about drugs and violence and calls him ‘ Ramu’ and disses him hard. It reminds me of the famous beef between Lil Wayne and Pusha- T where both rappers dissed each other with their respective verses

Best LyricBohemia Di Linan Yaara Tu Chakda, Par Ramu, Tu Raja Kaddi Nahi Bann Sakda

2. Ghunguru- Xpolymer Dar

Target– Guru Lahori

Context–  This was the final track by Dar in addition to his disses to  ‘Guru Lahori’. This video was produced by ‘Ghauri’ who is his crew mate from rap engineers. Overall the track is good and the lyrics are mainly in Punjabi and Urdu.

Best Lyric: Bay jaa godiyaan tay pent meri lai jaa, Payback, thaila mun ich, Teabag, auqaat tun kaddi baahr naa ayeen, Apnee bebassi da vi remix banaayeen,

3. Ooouuu Kill ‘Em-  Guru Lahori

Target– Muhammad Dar

Context– Guru Lahori came up with this hot diss song targeting Muhammad Dar. In this song, he raps how he is better than Dar and calls him a flop artist. This song is sampled on the classic hip-hop song by Dre- Forgot About Dre which plays in its background.

Best Lyric–  Yarron aae munday ne flop, pichay reh janday enan de ganay kyu k mei asal hip hop

4. Gall BaatG-Freaky

Target– Sikander Kahlon

Context–  G- Freaky released his diss track hitting on ‘Sikander Kahlon’. In his diss he direct insults Sikander and questions his rapping skills and also makes bad remarks on his personality.

5. IDGAF-Bohemia

Target– All Fake Rappers

Context–  In this savagely brilliant track Bohemia make references to all the fake rappers in the game. He reminds all other rappers why he is considered the king of desi hip-hop scene in this track.

Best LyricMera sangeet main chadeyaan teen saal dekho. Mundeya ne rap da kitta ki haal  ve tussi