5 Bombay Desi Hip Hop Artists You Need To Know About

Bombay’s Hip-Hop Scene has been dominating the genre for the past couple of years, if not longer. Artists from this city have worked incessantly for years to build a scene and get something going, often when there was very little in it for them.

The city of Bollywood now has dedicated hip hop nights with DJ’ playing Hip-Hop sets and there are several venues such as Social, Bonobo and Raasta hosting Hip-Hop gigs all year round.

Among the various Bombay artists pushing the scene, the following 5 stand out :

1. Mumbai’s Finest

mumbais finest

This powerhouse crew consists of Ace, Diefferent (previous stage name was Kinga Rhymes) and Ninja. This was the first crew from Bombay and they have done more than enough for the scene in the form of music, gigs, jam sessions……you name it and they have probably done it.



This guys has been having a dream run, be it being signed by Sony Music or performing for BBC Asia in London, to summarise he has done it all but mind you none of this was handed to him on a silver platter. Such achievements are accounted by an intense and persistent grind. He and his gully gang are now involved in playing gigs all over the country.

3. Naezy

naezy the baa
This Bombay 70 representative cracked a deal with OML and also did the title track for ‘Watch on Air with AIB’. He made his first video with an IPad for a track which was recorded with the very same IPad and he has not looked back since. He is now on his ‘Asal Hustle‘ all India tour.

4. Enkore


A very humble and down to earth bloke but don’t let that fool you, He is one of the fiercest rappers when he comes in front of the microphone and has killed tracks, shows and freestyles. He hosts a show called, ‘Voice of the People‘ along with Bob Omulo for promoting underground artists and producers. Enkore has also been called as one of the best freestylers out of India.

5. Bob Omulo

bob omulo 1


This guy is a legend. Bob Omulo is a part of ‘Bombay Bassment‘ which has a huge organic following and he is also a powerful solo performer. He is also a DJ and along with DJ Ishani plays strict hip-hop music at some of the best venues in Bombay. Other than ‘VOTP’ with Enkore, Bob keeps himself busy in various activities promoting the hip-hop scene in the city.