4 Indian Battle Rappers You Need To Know


Battle rap is a blood sport where artists hold no bars and go all in expressing themselves against their opponent. It’s an ever expanding culture and is growing at a rapid pace in the Desi Hip Hop scene. Leagues like Spit Dope Inc,B3 and many more are contributing to the Battle scene here in India and DHH for one are really excited about the future!

Here are four battlers I feel you should know about. There are no rankings, and trust me there are a lot of dope battlers out there other than these four.

Please note battle rap fans, I’m voicing my opinion and I select the below four in terms of consistency, output, content and audience reach. Do voice your opinion down in our comment section.

Mc Kode

Not to blow my own horn I’ve been killing it recently. I started battling back when I was 16 started with a battle league UML . Evolved from text battling and an absence of UML I along with Encore ABJ , Calm , Abxom and Yungsta formed Spit Dope Inc. With around fifty battles under my belt I remained to be consistent throughout. Battled in six different leagues I aim to entertain the crowd and kill my opponent while doing so. Currently 18 still striving to be the best step by step

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Coined one of the best battlers in the Indian scene. EMF is known for his heavy punches and witty rebuttals. Giving it a #100 every battle EMF proves why he is the best one doing . Part of the Elsewhere crew while organizing Battle Bars Bombay he still puts out his best with every battle he takes. Hands down the greatest in the scene. A freestyler who slays his opponent with hands down the most intellect bars you will ever hear. From battling heavy names in the scene from D’evil to even Ace from Mumbai’s Finest he has been a battle vet and still continues to up the body count in his resume.

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I battle To know where I stand and be better. – X-centriK

With a flow so precious X-centriK in a battle settles for nothing less than a body bag. A vet in the battle scene X-centriK has a rebuttal game for days and the writing process of this battler in on a whole another level. Hands down on of the best writers in the battle scene. Poetic bars with a heavy flow is what I could use to describe this vicious battler. He rose through the ranks real quick and deserves props for the consistency in his rounds.

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Jay Sehgal

Again one of the most consistent battlers in the battle scene here in India. Ajay chose a different path than others with Bilingual lyricism in battle rap which made him stand out early in his career. A witty writer who keeps the audience on their feet by sneaking in hard punches. Ajay Aka Jay Sehgal won a 6fu tournament defeating almost 20 mc’s. Still proving to be the best in the whole scene Ajay has been consistent and is known for never turning a challenge done. Definitely one of my favorites.

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Trust me on this there are a number of up and coming battle rappers in the scene, stick around for more lists on battle rap real soon.