4 Dance Crews Which Made India Proud At International Competitions

Hip Hop is a culture followed worldwide whether it be a large developed country like the USA & the UK, or a small and under-developed country like Ethiopia for example.

Hip-Hop is omnipresent, and Indians are never too far behind when it comes to the creative artforms it contains. This statement is proven right by the desi hip hop dance crews who have made India proud by representing the country on a world stage. World Of Dance, Hip Hop International, World Hip Hop Dance Championships are very big names when it comes to the dance element of hip-hop. It is a dream of every dancer to perform on such platforms and to represent his/her country. There are four hip-hop crew from India who made their dream come true and made India proud by performing and even winning some of the international competitions.

Let’s see who are they.

Kings United

This is a group from our very own city of dreams, Mumbai. The founder of this group Suresh Mukund is the choreographer, director, and mentor of the group. Actually, this group has a history behind it. The movie “ABCD 2” is based on the lives of Suresh Mukund, his partner Vernon Monteiro also known as Sushant Pujari and their group known as “Fictitious Group”.

Shushant and Vernon have created a fabulous dance group that has participated in various Indian reality shows such as Entertainment Ke Liye Kuch Bhi Karega’,India’s Got Talent’ ‘Boogie Woogie’. After the release of the movie, they divided the group into two. The Kings United led by Suresh participated in the World Hip Hop Championship 2015 and won Bronze for their country.

Watch their performance below:


The group was created by a trio Shantanu Maheshwari, Macedon D’mello and Nimit Kotian in 2015. They had a vision of celebrating dance, they surely have done that but they have also celebrated Indian Independence Day in Las Vegas as they were declared winners of World Of Dance Championship in 2015.

Well, actually it was 16th of August when the finals of WOD held but who cares, close enough. This group of seven members did a performance of a lifetime to win the competition. While people try to imitate the western style of dance, these seven pinned to their own style and won the hearts of the judges.

Watch their winning moment and their winning performance below:

Celebration :


This is yet another group from a city that never sleeps, Mumbai. The Hypnotics represented India in World Hip Hop Championship in 2016 held in Las Vegas, Nevada. The seven-member group led by Harish Patil, made India proud by entering such a tough competition. They secured eighth position in the championship, where people from all over the world put their best to win the competition.  Their performance was up to the mark they were well synchronised and their act also has some funny moments. Here again, these guys didn’t try to imitate the style of the western dancers, but they performed in the pure desi manner.

Watch their performance below.


13.13 is a unique name for a dance group and same goes for their style of dance. This crew has a very unique yet attractive style and one can feel the joy by just watching them dance. Their uniqueness and freshness led them to win the World Hip Hop Championship in 2013 and were awarded Gold.

The World Hip Hop Championship hosts crews from more than 50 countries. The world’s best dancers join this tournament and try to win a it. It is a very grueling task to compete against the world’s best, and to win against such worthy opponents is a very proud feeling not only for the achievers but for their fellow countrymen.

Watch the 13.13 performing in World Hip  Hop Championship 2016 below.