Seedhe Maut’s Coming Up With Their New MixTape


Seedhe Maut is a hip-hop crew composed of ENCORE ABJ and MC CALM, who are two Delhi-based emcees. The band member ENCORE raps in Hindi while the other member CALM raps it out in English. Together, when these two rap they bring the best of both worlds. Seedhe Maut is going to release their mixtape along with a music video and we are so ready for it. This news was confirmed by the crew themselves on social media

Check out Seedhe Maut’s Facebook announcement here:

It's official. Seedhe Maut is coming up with their Mixtape this season along with a New music video!! SHARE this status…

Posted by Seedhe Maut on Friday, March 17, 2017

Their previous video is ‘That Part- Remix’, all I can say about this song that it is awesome and good and brilliant. The use of bilingual lyrics has given it a unique characteristic sound and it can be played anywhere. Whether you are at a party or driving down the road or if you are feeling a little blue, it will light your mood up and lift your senses. It will cast a magic onto you and your dopamine levels will kick in giving you a musical high.

Seedhe Maut are relatively new to this industry and have a long way to go before they establish themselves in the industry. Believe me, they will do it quicker than anyone before they have ever done because this duo has the talent and the commitment to reach there. They will do it prompt and make their arrival clear for the industry to know that they have arrived. Seedhe Maut will shake the foundations of the hip hop industry and build it anew.

Seedhe Maut Banner Image

The song ‘That Part – Remix’ is groovy, full of beats and the sound will make the finicky of dancers to dance freely and uninhibited on the dance floor. Yes, it is that addicting and catching. So given their previous song, we think that the new song which it yet to be released and named will be a game changer. They know that not many rappers and MC’s sing in their particular style and believe me when I say that no one will do it better than these two youngsters because they have a certain panache and talent in them. These artists were born into this world for this very specific purpose to sing. All the artists, old and upcoming, should watch out because there is a storm coming and it is going to stir things up.

I would suggest the readers check them out, mark their page and get to when their mixtape is being released. Blow your sense out. They are a treat to listen and I am glad that I came upon these two musicians who are so talented and have an ambition of being the best in the hip-hop music industry. So people keep your eyes and ears open for “Seedhe Maut”.

Watch the Seedhe Maut anthem here: