3 Hindi Battlers You Need To Know About

Rap Battling is spreading like wildfire in the underground scene. With leagues like Spit Dope Inc, B3 and Allegionz promoting the battle culture to the max there are numerous amazing battlers in the Desi Hip Hop scene. In this article, we’ll be counting down my personal favourite 4 Hindi Rap Battlers. 

1) Encore ABJ

One-half of the popular underground duo ‘Seedhe Maut’ Encore ABJ is one of the founding member of Spit Dope Inc. He is one ruthless battler when it comes to trading jabs in the battle ring. Encore ABJ uses his intellect to the max while spitting around and plays with words beautifully.

Watch Encore ABJ battle:

2) Sukrit

Part of the duo ‘Poetic Blizzards’ Sukrit emerged as a vicious battler not to be messed with. Using wit-filled punches at the same time serious jabs is what makes him extraordinary. Sukrit hailing from New Delhi proves why he is a dope battler in his videos.

Watch Sukrit Battle:

3) Jay Sehgal

Jay is one of the most consistent battlers in the Underground scene. He uses wit to his advantage and spits fire. His recent battle with Encore ABJ, who is one of the best Hindi battle. Period. Jay Sehgal from time to time steps in the ring and proves why he is a force not to be fucked with.

Watch Jay Sehgal Battle:

These are my picks for the Hindi ruthless battlers. What are yours? Do share them in the comment section of our facebook post.