After a 3 Country Tour Its Finally Home For Bohemia

Bohemia, one of the rappers from the desi hip hop community needs no introduction. Since the time he released his first track, Bohemia Punjabi rap star has ruled the charts and the hearts of the masses. Unlike any other rapper, he is staying true to his roots and making great music time and again.

Recently Bohemia was on a 3 country tour and performed in various cities from Australia, New Zealand and the United Arab Emirates. These countries have a large population of the South Asian diaspora, which is a great target audience for any desi hip hop rapper.

The first stop in his three-country tour was New Zealand and then Australia. He was jumping between the two countries to perform at different locations and it wasn’t the first time he was performing here.

In New Zealand he performed in Perth,  singing out some of his popular tracks the crowd went wild and crazy. People shouting his name while he was singing showed the amount of fan following he has garnered over the years of his career; both domestic and international.

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New Zealand has almost 186,000 people from the Desi heritage. By that, we mean India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. Now the stats speak for its itself. Doing a tour in the pacific region turned out to be beneficial to all the parties involved. The organisation, the artist, the producer or the audience.

On February 16th, Bohemia performed in Sydney at the “Ivy Ballroom”. It was a houseful show, with the audience not being able to control their emotions, going all full stoked and energised seeing and hearing Bohemia perform. For some, it was the first time they were seeing him perform and for some, it could be the second or third.

He then performed in Brisbane on the 18th of February, at Cloudland, which was again a houseful event for the rapper. With him dishing out some of his best tracks to the enthusiastic crowd present there. He then performed on the 24th of February at the Matisse Beach Club on the 24th of February. The show again, what can I say, I think you are all smart to think that it was a houseful event! God Bohemia is on fire when he performs! I mean, the amount of determination, focus and the energy he puts in each and every performance of his is commendable.

After performing in Australia and New Zealand, the next stop was Dubai. He performed on the 3rd of March in the  Jabel Ali Golf Resort. As we all know, Dubai is home to a large number of people from the South Asian community. His shows were all houseful even in Dubai and was a fun and lively event, he sang most of his songs, to which the crowd grooved and danced.

After his Dubai performance, Bohemia concluded his three-country tour and posted a picture of him relaxing in the aeroplane all the while thanking everyone who made his tour a success and fun and a memorable event for him and for the audience as well.