Trump Can’t Find Hip-Hop Artists To Perform At His Inauguration

Rappers had not been afraid of expressing their hate against Donald Trump prior to the election and the trend continues even after his win in the elections. His latest problem is that no one wants to perform at his inauguration.


Tity Boi aka 2 Chainz got onto Instagram on Friday to display to the world that he turned down an invitation from Trump’s team. “I know they only doing this because they can’t get nobody else,” he explained. “I had to say ‘Nah,’ no matter how much money it was. I probably won’t be going to the White House no time soon.”

TrumpYG and Nipsey Hussle left little room for speculation with their DJ Swish-produced “FDT,” while Riff Raff said it would take $50,000 for him to perform at Trump’s inauguration. “I’ll perform Fuck Donald Trump at his inauguration for $4,000,000,” YG announced on Twitter Saturday evening. He didn’t mention how much he would charge to perform “My Nigga.”


It is not only rappers that aren’t particularly enthusiastic about performing on Trump’s inauguration, Sir Elton John and his team shot down rumors of performing at Trump’s inauguration after Trump staffer Anthony Scaramucci told BBC’s Hardtalk Elton John was booked for a performance celebrating Trump’s election.

3 Doors Down, Toby Keith, and teen opera singer Jackie Evancho are currently scheduled to perform at the sentient Cheeto’s inauguration this upcoming Friday. Broadway singer Jennifer Holliday was originally on the bill but withdrew today, citing a “lapse in judgment.”

I wonder how much would Mac Miller charge to perform, ‘Donald Trump’ at his own inauguration.