2017 Starts With An International Cypher


2017, happy new year everyone.  You might have a new years resolution, but we are hereby to present you all desi fans an international cypher. 4 different languages, 4 different artists from 4 different countries, came together with this project for desi hip-hop.

Venor NRSan artist from south London right about now representing desi hip hop. Growing up in south London vibe, venor already been into the UK grime music scene. Street life, hustle, struggle all was there but Venor still living his life and passion. Love for rap music and culture got him involved in this scene.

He came up with his fresh new freestyle for Desi hip hop. It’s the first official remake of Timmy Turner beat. Through this music video, Venor wants to do interactions with other desi artists. He said, ‘ I’m an artist and i do not mind to work with anyone from anywhere, i wanna let my fans know I’m doing good work for them, I’m putting my good effort to make amazing contribution for hiphop ‘ 


Dayron is an independent musician from saint Denis. French, to deliver creole and English Jam that’s his music making style.  He mashes up languages and brings out the tune to hip-hop. Dayron, believes music has no particular language. That’s why he mash up the language and still deliver perfect hip-hop classics.


Kid-u  a French rap artist, still on grinding and building his career. Originally from Barbes, Paris. And this guy is specialist on tung twisting French rhymes. Mad flow already got Kid-u locally famous. He’s looking forward to more international collaboration records.


Shantoo is not a rap artist,  but he took part in this project for some personal issues. He said,  “I’ve got some question to answer.  I am not gonna be an online gangster like Meek Mill.  I’ll go to the booth and reply those answer as I supposed to do“. He does not consider himself as a rapper,  he is happy with his movement making stuff.


Videography and edit  – Low-pro images.
Beats by – colourd noyz

It’s an international collaboration project.  Enjoy and share.