2 Indian Rappers Pay Homage To Chicago’s Drill Music With “Chiraq Remix”


As a matter of fact, Splash and Rapboy Monti are Delhi-based hip-hop artists. Both Splash, as well as Monti, are the members of a hip-hop crew called The Capital Crew. However, they weren’t half the rappers that you hear on any of their recent works. They’ve always had that attitude in them yet, unfortunately, didn’t have the chemistry. After several pretentious tracks and countless recordings, they started to realise that they needed focus individually.

Tracks like “Ascension” by Splash and “Jungle Raj” by Rapboy Monti are perfect examples of their growth. Splash stopped spitting in Hindi to fit into the desi scene. Now, he spits in English. Monti learned to embrace his roots and express himself in Hindi.

With their new found selves, they decided to get back in the lab and create supernova flames for everybody who loves hip-hop. They dedicate their track “Chiraq Remix” to their fans. It’s nothing fancy. It’s raw and it goes hard. They make music for the underrated, unheard, underdogs who work very hard on themselves constantly to better themselves but often get rejected for being too real.

From this track, they want to deliver a message that “We know there are more like us, some even better than us, only holding back because they aren’t sure if they will ever be able to make it in this country. Don’t hold back, do what you love, and never give up. We are all in this together fam”.

Stream “Chiraq Remix” Rapboy Monti And Splash Here: