This 15 Year Old Rapper Can Literally Spit!

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Mohit Vaishnav, who named himself Wazeer, is an upcoming hip-hop artist from Gujarat. This 15-year-old boy has got some serious bars. Wazeer spits way better than a majority of the underground. He dropped his latest track  “Aagaz” and grabbed my attention.

“Aagaz” is written and performed by Wazeer. The instrumental of the track is produced by Twani. He has also handled the post production of the track. NmC shot the video while Wazeer and  Sathvi did the editing of the video.

The main reason behind the creation of “Aagaz” was to bring Marwadi rap in the desi hip-hop Scene in India. So, he thought of writing a free verse with Hindi bars and Marwadi rhymes. The track is recorded at his residence.

He comes from a place where hip-hop artists are restricted to English, Punjabi, and Hindi. But as a Rajasthani in Gujarat, he wanted to bring his mother tongue in the desi hip-hop scene. He also knows the fact that the knowledge about hip-hop in Rajasthan is less. So by doing such tracks, he wants to spread knowledge about hip-hop.

Stream “Aagaz” Here: