10 Stupid Financial Decisions Coming From Rappers

Even if we can easily find a lot of exceptions, rappers aren’t always the smartest people in the music industry. As a matter of fact, most rappers spend a good amount of their cash way before getting their hands on it, so naturally they lose a good financial situation.

Below we have ten stupid financial decisions coming from rappers that trashed their cash.

50 Cent – Baby Mama Drama

NEW YORK, NY - SEPTEMBER 11: Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson attends the annual Charity Day hosted by Cantor Fitzgerald and BGC at Cantor Fitzgerald on September 11, 2015 in New York City. (Photo by Noam Galai/Getty Images for Cantor Fitzgerald)

50 Cent probably took one of the biggest Ls in Hip-Hop history when he decided that releasing Rick Ross’ baby mama sex tape was a good idea.

The woman ended up suing him and as expect, 50 lost the multi-million dollar lawsuit and was forced to call for bankruptcy.

Trinidad James – Buying too Much Gold/Label Dropping Him


Trinidad James actually managed to build some good hype around him right when Def Jam decided to sign him. Somehow the ATL rapper screwed up the deal and he lost a good amount of cash when the label dropped him.

Buying a huge amount of jewellery didn’t bail him out and he even ended up not having enough money to pay the producers he worked with.

DMX – Too Many Baby Mamas


DMX is still one of the best rappers alive but his financial situation is not that great. The rapper sold millions of albums and had some of the best record deals out there but somehow his paper still isn’t right.

X also has a lot of kids with different women so, at some point, he ended up in jail for not having enough money to pay for his child support.

Tyga – Buying Luxury Goods For His Girlfriend (and in General)

Pink Carpet arrivals at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show Featuring: Tyga Where: New York, New York, United States When: 11 Nov 2015 Credit: C.Smith/ WENN.com

Tyga is fighting lawsuit after lawsuit after his Young Money/Cash Money departure. More people claim that the Cali rapper owes them money and at some point Tyga even ended up in court for his debts.

Buying luxury goods was the no.1 reason why this happened.

Birdman – Not Paying People


Everyone in the industry knows that Birdman doesn’t pay up his settlements. The rapper’s odd business style often ended up in costing him more money after lawsuits and he’s currently facing the biggest one until now, $51 million, filed by his son Lil Wayne.

Mike Jones – Buying A Million Dollar Chain That He Was later Robbed For

PHILADELPHIA - MARCH 16: Rapper Mike Jones attends Music and Entertainment Conference at Double Tree Hotel on March 16, 2008 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. (Photo by Gilbert Carrasquillo/FilmMagic)

Mike Jones was an up and coming rapper at some point but his career ended really soon. The rapper never really transitioned into the mainstream music scene and his attention span came to an end.

Probably his biggest loss was investing on a $1 million chain that was later robbed, obviously.

Kanye West – Investing In All Sorts Of Businesses That Got Him $50 Million In Debt


Somehow Kanye West thinks that everything he touches is gold but that is not exactly the case. Unfortunately for him, he managed to blow up $50 million while investing in all sorts of stuff that he “designed” for the people. Stick to music, ‘Ye.

Dame Dash – Living A Lifestyle That Was Too Expensive For Him


At some point, Dame Dash and Jay-Z were the biggest Hip-Hop duo in the game. Jay did the rapping and Dame handled the business side of things but things just didn’t work out.

Jay is still one of the biggest figures in the game but Dame is nowhere to be seen. Obviously, his lifestyle is not the same as it once was.

Ma$e – Quitting Rap


Ma$e had the impression that he can make more money as a pastor than he did as a rapper.

The holy life never really paid off so Ma$e tried to make another appearance in music. That didn’t end up so well with 20 people making a presence at his comeback concert.

Vanilla Ice – About Everything He Did


Vanilla Ice is one of the most hated rappers of all time. He was never really embraced by the music scene so a lot of people wanted him down. His financial decisions were not great either and he ended up losing everything he had.