10 Rappers That Are Great Businessman

Even if most rappers don’t have a college diploma, they still prove to be good with their numbers. Some of them even managed to sell their persona for millions while being paid impressive sums of cash through their entire music career.

Below we identified ten rappers that are great businessman.

10. Mark Wahlberg

mark-wahlberg 10 Rappers That Are Great Businessman

Surprised that Wahlberg is a rapper? Well you should be even more surprised that he’s a good businessman. Wahlburgers may just be the next burger craze, with 20 locations in the US and Canada. Everyone should keep an eye out for the new fast food king.

9. Snoop Dogg

snoop-dogg 10 Rappers That Are Great Businessman

With more than 100 million dollars invested in Reddit, his DOG for DOG animal food company, and a Cali start-up that promises to deliver weed in 10 minutes or less, Snoop is definitely a visionary businessman.

8. Pharrell

Pharrell Williams in Adidas 10 Rappers That Are Great Businessman

After being fired from three McDonalds locations in the 90`s, Pharell struck big in the new millennium with his music. The man also has a strong partnership with Adidas and Louis Vuitton so that means even more money to the bank.

7. Will.i.am

will-i-am 10 Rappers That Are Great Businessman

A man that sees himself as a businessman first and an artist second. It truly seems that way since Will.i.am found a way to get a share of the 3 billion dollar Beats transaction.

But then he also started the i.am+ a brand that fights with Apple for the high end designer electronics market.

6. Ice T

ice-t 10 Rappers That Are Great Businessman

After his music career started to fade away, Ice T engaged in other projects including 18 Movies and TV shows, the `The Art of Rap` summer festival, and of course, music production. The man even launched a music label in 2000 and everything is going great, financially speaking.

5. 50 Cent

50-cent 10 Rappers That Are Great Businessman

Curtis Jackson, the entrepreneur, was born in 2000 when a shooting ended his long time business of being a drug dealer. 50 launched his fashion label on the fame of his critically acclaimed debut album and after that he tried his luck in other small stake ventures like sports drinks and electronics.

Let’s just say he did more than okay until he made some poor decisions with people. He still gets a spot in our top but not in the first positions.

4. Kanye West

kanye-west-6 10 Rappers That Are Great Businessman

Kanye West collaborated with clothing lines like Adidas and Louis Vuitton, while being involved with other ventures that got him a decent amount of cash.
His wife bailed him out this year due to some poor business decisions but now Kanye seems stronger than ever.

3. JAY Z

10 Rappers That Are Great Businessman jay z

JAY Z is a Hip Hop mogul, no doubts about it. He sold clothes, records, basketball team shares and everything that he could get his hands on for a decent profit. His wife Beyonce is also a visionary business woman and currently the two of them represent the strongest Hip Hop couple in the world.

2. Diddy

diddy 10 Rappers That Are Great Businessman

Everything that Diddy touches turns into gold. The man got himself a decent cash flow out of the record selling business, entertainment and owning several brands, and now he’s aiming for the number one spot in our top that’s close to a billion dollars.

1. Dr. Dre

dr-dre 10 Rappers That Are Great Businessman

Dr. Dre gets the number one spot with the Beats-Apple deal taking place but Dre was still a good businessman before Apple reached an agreement with HTC with his record selling skills.