10 Indian Graffiti Artists You Need To Know in 2017 #HipHopArt

There was a time not too long ago in India that graffiti or street art was considered as a rebellious act and street artists had to work in the darkness of the night. But time seems to have changed and today there are many graffiti artists who are coming out of the night and emerging in the day light to create some beautiful pieces of work.

Graffiti is a way of showing one’s art by means of drawing/spraying/painting on walls. Most do it out of passion, but one thing that every graffiti artist say is that they take graffiti as a medium of expressing their feeling whether it’s about any social issue or a political one.

Here are 10 graffiti artists from India who are painting the streets like never before.


Yantr is an Indian graffiti artist who comes from Delhi. It is an alias name used by Roy Sanjib who has a vision of portraying socio-political issues on the walls so that it can reach to the general public. Yantr is a Sanskrit word meaning “Machine”. His art merges the complexity of machines and wildlife in his signature electric style.


Daku is a graffiti artist from Delhi, India who was raised in small town in Saurashtra, Gujrat. He started making graffiti in 2008-09 and used to tag his name in the Devanagari script on walls in Mumbai and South Delhi. One of his most creative bits of work can be seen at Lodhi Colony of New Delhi. The typographic piece of art is a one of a kind, that can only be seen in sunlight and when sunlight fades away, the graffiti also fades away.

It is just sheer creativity, check it out below.


This graffiti artist belongs to a crew called DIS Crew. His fellow crew mates are Stak-2, Rez, Sunone, Cres. Zake also has a place amongst the ‘Elegants Crew’ which is a Brazilian graffiti artist group. He has won Challenge India Cup Graffiti Competition held in 2012 and has participated in many live events also like ‘German Hip Hop Project’ in 2011, ‘Europe Day Art Project’ in 2011, ‘India Film Festival’ which was held in Stuttgart, Germany in 2012 and many more.


SamSam is one of the very few female graffiti artists we have. She started painting the streets in 2009 and dragged some of her friends into this and formed a crew called “The Ferals”. In 2011 she moved to Delhi where she met Zine (another graffiti artist) and a bunch of others and from there she started to learn more and more and started implementing her learnings in to making some incredible graffiti. This was when a crew called Aerosol Assassins was formed.



Minzo is an artist from Maharashtra. He thinks that art is a learning process, not a teaching one and out of this belief, he never learned graffiti writing, drawing or sketching. He started staining the walls in 2011. He makes such artwork to show his love towards hip hop and graffiti culture and also to express himself. Apart from a graffiti artist, he is also an illustrator and graphic designer.


Zine is a graffiti artist from a small town of India, Mizoram. He is one of the key members of a very well known graffiti crew called Aerosol Assassins. He is influenced by the toys, comic books and other graffiti artists like CAN2, Totem2 etc. He started writing on walls when he was just 11 years old though he didn’t make any graffiti then, he liked to write on walls and when he got older he naturally gravitated towards rap music and graffiti.


Snik is not the only name this Graffiti artist has, he is also called the ‘Godfather’ in Kolkata, his hometown. He moved to Austalia for a while. t was there that he observed Graffiti writing and was completely mesmerised by it. His passion for Graffiti is heightened by his love for Hip Hop culture. A solo artist who doesn’t work with any crews, his first ever piece was at the hall of fame wall at Malviya Nagar, Delhi.

Harsh Raman

Harsh Raman is a pro graffiti artist with a vast repertoire under his belt. He lives in Delhi and like any other ‘Delhites’ he loves Delhi very much. He is a multi-talented guy who is also an Illustrator, Graphic Designer, Film Maker and Yoga Guru. Creativity is the thing that one can not learn and is a something you are born with. Raman says that street art enabled him to make some strong socio-political statements as well as connecting to a diverse audience.


Another one of the very few female Graffiti Artists in the scene, Rush, draws her inspiration from New York’s Lady Pink. Rush belongs to Manipur has been painting since 2010. The reason that she goes by this name is that she get a rush by painting, that’s why she call herself Rush. Her dream is being recognised by her art, she wants people to look at her artwork and say “It’s Rush’s’”. We sure wish her luck and all the success.

Bathroom Painter

This graffiti artist comes from Bangalore, he is known as the Bathroom Painter because he bless walls of the street as well as, or especially, bathrooms with his artistic masterpieces, his real name is Shunnal Ligade. According to him, Graffiti is a way of expressing one’s true feelings. There is nothing good or bad in graffiti, it’s just a way to express oneself.


This list is just a glimpse of the many Graffiti artists around the country who are promoting the culture and this artform. We hope that people start realising its beauty and importance. We will be back soon with more names! Tell us what you think of these artists and their beautiful work.