It’s a special skill to woo the crowd, make them go wild and take them to another realm with the power of music. This significant job is usually given to the DJs, the soul of every party in a nightclub. You may not always notice that they’re there, but believe me, they are, and making you jam to their tracks all night long.

The DJs scene is very well established internationally, and our own country India is not far behind the rest of the world in churning out local artists who can make you groove with the slightest turn of a record. The scene in India fast gaining momentum and today we will talk about the biggest DJs in India. We had an immensely popular underground dance scene for more than 10 years. Now, it is going full hip-hop and there is no stopping it.

We have seen an array of artist’s from various genre collaborating with EDM artists in recent times, but Hip-Hop is one major area that has experienced deeper connections with various bass-learning electronic sub-genres. Talking about Desi Hip-Hop scene, artists are not far behind in collaborating with DJ’s to give their song that special touch.

Here, we are listing some of the Best DJ’s in the Hip-Hop scene right now

1.DJ Proof


Vinayak popularly known as DJ Proof is one of the Mumbai’s emerging Hip Hop DJ’s. He has proved his mettle by playing at some of the biggest nightclubs in the country. He has translated the passion for music by being the man himself behind the wheels of steel.  He learned the art from reputed ‘Nasha’ workstation and mentored under arguably India’s No 1 Hip-Hop DJ, DJ Sa. Proof Started off DJ’ing professionally in 2010, he is now performing in all the reputed clubs, all over India.

 2. DJ Ishani


The second one on the list is DJ Ishani, in a time where women are performing better than men and we couldn’t be more proud, Ishani is an epitome of poise. She can generate fresh tunes at every gig she plays and delivers major throwbacks. According to Ishani what led her to the DJ scene was her fight against depression. With a major cult following she is one of the backbones of nightlife in Mumbai, having also performed internationally alongside with popular DJs Mark Da Spot, Doc, and Power.

2Pac, Kendrick Lamar, Beyoncé and J. Cole are some of the artists who have influenced her.

 3. DJ Sa


Third on the list is DJ Sa, he was voted as ‘India’s best Hip-Hop DJ’ at the inaugural Vh1 MyFavDJ Awards, Hip-Hop music has been taken to a whole new level in India by DJ Sa, and that’s a big credit to him.

Every possible venue in Mumbai and many outside have been played by Sa. He has played in Nh7 Weekender in Pune and most other major festivals the country has to offer, there isn;t really a gig that he hasn’t done and smashed.




He is a true pioneer on the decks, a DJ who is also a sound designer.

DJ Skip has an artistry distinct from any other, with his uniqueness on the decks mixing his own signature sound. A quick thinker he fuses diverse genres like Trap, Hip-Hop, and Dubstep. with his innovative scratching techniques.

An experimenter who is versatile, who refuses to conform by the confines of one sound is the very reason to be picked as the national winner of the Red Bull Thre3Style contest and which he went to represent India in Chicago in 2011 and 2012.

He represented India at the IDA World DJ Championships in 2013 and came in 3rd. He has also performed in Sunburn India. The live electronic act, ‘Blank’ that won the MTV Ultimate DJ Championship in 2010, has DJ Skip in it, which took them to play for a 55,000 strong audience at UK’s leading festival, Bestival in 2011.




Video Turntablism introduction in India is credited to DJ KAN-I and he is among one of the Top 10 Video DJs in the world. Officially India’s Best Hip Hop DJ two years in a row, he was selected out of hundreds of DJs across the world to partake live at the Video DJ Battle in Las Vegas hosted by Video DJ Conference in 2012. DJs like DJ Vice, DJ MisterE and Mike May, the head of Rane have shown interest in collaborating with DJ KAN-I and he is highly respected and applauded by the DJ community.

From Mumbai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Chennai and Pune to New York, Los Angeles, Dubai, and Bangkok- DJ KAN-I has performed all across the globe. A savant on the turntables he is the life and breath of every party.

Having been a part of the music industry for over a decade, his journey started when he won the title of ‘Runner-Up’ in War of the DJs,(2004-05). He won the War of the DJs- South India in 2007 and was runner-up in the finals.

DJ KAN-I still brings in fresh remixes of contemporary music from diverse genres, interspersed with unique loops, crazy vocals and an absolutely unexpected blend of sounds, that immediately connects with the crowd, leaving them famished for more. DJ KAN-I is one DJ you have to keep an eye on.

 6.Spin Doctor


Sanjay Meriya referred to as ‘The Spindoctor’, has established himself as a premier DJ spinning music that keeps folks on the floor. He creates and performs electronic dance music, together with remixes of club and hip hop favourites, house and amalgamations of different styles. A turntablist with numerous skills like beat mixing, scratching, beat juggling, drumming, sampling etc., that permits him to show the art of turntablism at Audioqube, The True School of Music and Party Map DJ Academy.

The Spin Doctor began DJ’ing from his college days while studying for his medical degree. He participated and won multiple DJ competitions and earned himself his nickname. In a short span of time, he began to DJ in prominent clubs such as Blue Frog, F-bar, Canvas and leading music festivals like NH7 Weekender, Ziro and much more. He also opened for international artist’s like DJ Niros (USA), DJ Premier (USA), The Perez Brothers (Israel) and Yo Yo Honey Singh (India).

He is currently a part of Gully Gang their official DJ with Sony Music Rapper Divine and performs at prominent night clubs and music festivals with them.

A natural talent with huge passion for music and entertaining, his energetic stage presence has been noted to leave his audience wanting more

7. DJ Uri


Uri Solankia aka ‘DJ Uri’ is DJ’ing since 1987, a product of the 80’s Breakdance, Hip-Hop, and Acid House era. No other DJ in India graces the console like him. He is in the game for more than 27 years and has gained the highest level of knowledge, experience, and technical stability and most importantly respect within the scene. He started his career under the guidance of DJ SS, head of WODB- World of Drum and Bass/Formation Records.

He is currently heading DJ Department at The True School of Music (Mumbai) and is considered the brainchild of nights like “WOBBLE” & “EVOLUTION”

  8.DJ Karma

Dj Karma

DJ Karma is a pioneer and promoter of Hip Hop and R&B. He is based in Delhi and started throwing jams attracting the attention of Hip Hop lovers since 2002
A skilled emcee (rapper), Karma has the ability to swing the crowd and evolves the craft with rhymes that transition easily between Hindi and English. He has been featured in the songs Jhook Gyal’ and Thuggee’ off Su Real’s album ‘Twerkistan’. He has also opened for some of the biggest international artists like Sean Paul, T-Pain, DJ Premier and DJ Infamous

Karma currently represents with Bass Foundry balancing beats with soul, staying fresh dropping hits before they break, and keeping it moving with old skool jams.




One of the most recognized names in the nightlife industry is DJ Kave who is based out of Chennai, India. Having performed and toured the world with popular international artists at festivals such as “KLIMF Music Festival” held in Malaysia, “SANDANCE Music Festival” in Dubai and” Yas Salam Music Festival” in Abu Dhabi in which artists like Jason Derulo, Rita Ora, Pharrell Williams have performed. He has done many gigs with U.K based Indian Hip-Hop artist Hard Kaur in Hong Kong and Singapore too. He is best known for touring with the Oscar winner and having performed in front of a 50K crowd with the talented A. R Rahman during the “Jai-Ho” series of concerts in 2009.

Regarded as the fastest scratcher/DJ in India. He is also the founder of “The Skratchlab”  which happens to be one of India’s best DJ Academy.

  10.VDJ Cas


Last but not the least, VDJ Cas started his Djing career in 2010. He specializes in Hip Hop and Trap Video sets. His style is mainly influenced by artist such as DJ Snake, Diplo, Jack U, Major Lazer to name a few. He is very active in local Hip hop communities of Mumbai, he is no stranger to the highs and lows of the local music scene. He has also started an event called “The Booty Call” which is based out of Mumbai, Bootycall invites local and international artists to showcase their beats, mixes etc. In this way, he plays an important role in keeping the Hip Hop Music scene alive in his own city.

Picture Source: Facebook