10 Desi Female Rappers Who Can Give The Guys a Run For Their Money

Emceeing isn’t a male entitlement, in fact, it never has been. There are many female rappers emerging out in the Desi Hip Hop scene worldwide and they all are more than capable of holding their own when coming up against some of the guys in the game.

You must have heard of some international female rappers like Nikki Minaj, Missy Elliott & Remy Ma, but there is a chance that might not have heard of many desi female rappers.

Here’s desihiphop.com making your work easy by listing ten female rappers who can give the guys a run for their money.


Horspowar is the stage name used by “Jasleen Powar”, a Vancouver-born artist whose roots firmly belongs in India. She describes herself as “a desi rapper who uses theatrics of Bollywood, visually and sonically, to take the audience on a journey from Canada to India; there and back again.”

She has performed at SXSW music festival held in Austin, Texas and started with writing poetry after getting inspired by her school teacher when she was in 6th grade, as she got older, she got better with her poems and eventually started to rap. Watch her killing the beat below.

Deepa Unnikrishnan

Deepa Unnikrishnan aka Dee MC, was born and brought up in the outskirts of Mumbai. She started rapping in 2012 and now is a very reputed part of the Mumbai’s underground Desi Hip-Hop scene. Whenever she raps, she makes sure to give a socially positive message through her songs. She generally raps about gender inequality and women empowerment, and rightfully so. She was also nominated for the Radio City 91.1 Freedom Awards last year for her song Talk my way and she was the only female rapper to make it to this category. Sure this girl has something special in her. Watch her song below

Hard Kaur

Taran Kaur Dhillon” better known as “Hard Kaur” is known by everyone for bittersweet reasons. She is a girl who walks hip hop and talks hip-hop, and it looks like she’s never going to stop entertaining us, she will do it either by her songs or by her controversies, off which she’s had a few.

She is a vital asset to desi hip hop and scene and has held the flag high for many years. She was born in a small city of Kanpur,Uttar Pradesh, from there her family relocated to London, United Kingdom. When she came back to India she gave us an iconic song that feels fresh even now after ten years, that song was “Ek glassy”. Furthermore, she has been a part of many Bollywood music albums like “Johnny Gaddar”, “Faltu” & “Singh Is King” to name a few. Her recent works include the song “Sherni” and “Aise Karte Hai Party”.

Watch her song “Ek Glassy” again below.

Ish Kaur

Ishita Kaur from Delhi stepped into the rapping game at the very young age of 13 by joining a Hip-Hop group called “Gangster Soul”. She likes to rap in English and Punjabi and has done various songs like “Girls gone crazy” featuring “T-Zac”, “Meri Zindagani” featuring “Dee Bob”, “Sajna Tere Bina”, “Perfect Munda” and many more. She is a promising rapper and has all the things that a rapper should have. Looking forward to hear more from her, meanwhile, watch her song “Perfect Munda” below


Kauratan is a Punjabi female rapper who can rap in Punjabi, Hindi, and English. She has collaborated with “Punit” and “Sikander Kahlon”, who himself is a brand in underground desi hip hop scene, for a song called “Bad Girl”. She recently did a cameo in Dilbagh Singh’s Song “Urban Chori”. Kauratan has also sung for “Kale Denali Music” in which music was given by “Haji Springer”, yet another big name in the industry, the name of the song was “Note”. Watch this song below

Deane Sequeira

Deane Sequeira, born in 1996 is probably the youngest independent female rapper. She started out with her first English original composition Random at the age of 15, then she got signed by “Artist Aloud” who released her debut rap single. Apart from rap, she is a singer, songwriter, and a composer. She has also worked on Bollywood projects like “Bezuban” with “Mohit Chauhan” from the movie “ABCD”. She has also collaborated with “Mika Singh”, “Shivi” and “Rochak Kohli” in in the movie “Welcome to Karachi” and also in “Purani Jeans” with “Mika” and “Suzanne D Mello”.

Sofia Ashraf

Sofia Ashraf from Chennai, is a Tamil rapper and singer. She seems to love the environment because most of her songs focus on the corporations who failed to clear up industrial waste. Her song Don’t work for Dow released in 2008, criticises Dow for not paying compensation to victims of the 1984 Bhopal Gas Tragedy. In 2015 her another song rolled out Kodaikanal Won’t which is focused on the mercury pollution from a thermometer factory owned by “Unilever” It surely takes some guts and real talent to compose something like this. Hats off to you girl! Watch her song below.

Raja Kumari

believe-in-you-raja-kumari-featuredYou might have heard of her as she recently burst on the scene. Well “Svetha Rao” is the name she got from her parents and Raja Kumari is the name that she gave to herself, ‘The Daughter of the King’. She has worked with many international artists like Gwen Stefani, Iggy Azalea, Fifth Harmony & Fall Out Boy to name a few.

She also tends to do a lot a charity as she has helped the building of a hospital in Bangalore and a school for physically disabled children by doing several performances, due to this she has been honoured with Kohinoor Award for excellence in Classical Arts by the governor of Tamil Nadu. No doubt, she is making India proud all over the word. Watch her song “Mute” below.


Ipsha Barooah

Ipsha Barooah is a rapper who is better known as Ipsy in the underground desi hip hop scene. She is from Siliguri, West Bengal and lives in Pune. She started writing poems when she was just 13 years old, as she grew up she started to like hip hop then she tried her hand at rapping. She got appreciation from her family and friends and this gave her confidence to continue.

She is probably one of the only female battle rapper India has at the moment, she started to battle in Spit Dope events and she has done a great job often beating he male opponents. Till date, she has only one official track in which she has featured in “San Cha’s F*ck Mainstream”.

After listening to Ipsy’s rap it will be hard for you to determine whether it’s an Indian voice or an International one. Listen to her song below

MC Kaur

She’s one of the female emcees who’s been in the game from the very beginning of desi hip hop movement, she grew her passion towards hip hop when she was only 13 and she has a tag attached to her name, officially she is the first female rapper in India. She’s being rapping since 2003, yes, 2003. She has a very mature voice or you can say international voice, there’s no way you going to feel like it’s an Indian femcee killing the beat. She has collaborated with many underground producers in India as well as abroad.

Talking in an interview with our website, she gave advice to all the new emcees and femcees that “Dear Indian rappers and producers, try coming out of your FB obsession pages and all the hype. Hip Hop is very rich. You all got skills, don’t demean them by acting fools. Know the history of hip hop, to carry the touch to the right direction. You don’t represent any land, religion or race, you represent yourself. Check the current underground producers of different countries, will help you understand and learn better.”  Listen to her song below.

They all are just too irresistible! Watch out for them guys!