10 Bohemia Fan Tattoos Are Taking The Internet By Storm


B.O.H.E.M.I.A is regarded as the king of Desi Hip Hop genre, he also has millions of fans across the globe. He represents Desi Rap like a legendary icon who brought the Hip Hop revolution to India. His die hard fans are like an army, and Bohemia is their commander.

Here are 10 amazing Bohemia tattoos that are going viral over the internet. If you too have a unique Bohemia tattoo then do share the Facebook links with us.  Before you start rolling in Bohemian SWAG, let’s give big respect to the tattoo artists who created these bit amazing art.

1. Ek Tera Pyar Effect

Bohemia Ek Tera Pyar Tattoo
Bohemia Ek Tera Pyar Tattoo

2. Fan with the real OG in the house

Bohemia live at Lemp Delhi

Bohemians are everywhere, the punjabi rap-star shows go power packed and yes the arm tattoo is proof of fan loyalty. Salute!

3. Raja harhai 420

KDM Mixtape exclusive female tattoo
KDM Mixtape exclusive female tattoo

A big time Kali Denali music supporter. This girl is smoking hot, just like Raja’s hot tracks!

4. Thousand Thoughts Tattoo

1000 Thoughts!

Bohemia symbols all traded by the official fan.

5. Hazar Gallan!


All Bohemia tracks are amazing and unique. Now, Hazar Gallan, we better know how touchy it feels.

6. Big Salute to KDM team from Harry

KDM Tattoo
KDM Tattoo

Inked for lifetime “Kali Denali Music Logo Tattoo”

7. O.M.G! Amazing!!!


Any doubts, Bohemia is the god of punjabi rap and here’s the big proof.

8. True Bohemian

True Bohemia fan
True Bohemia fan

100% real and original. Now Bohemia remains 24hrs with fans.

9. Kali Denali Army Soldiers Stay Tough!

Bohemia artistically tattooed
The BOH Art

10. One Love Bohemia!

Merey barey kudiyo se pucho?
Merey barey kudiyo se pucho?

It’s assured you are shocked to see the real colors of the Bohemia Army! Fans better know, how much BOH loves fans and how graciously he entertains everyone. Much respects, Paisa Nasha Pyar!