‘तांडव’ By Music Luck Is Worth Listening Too


Lucky Samtani who goes by the stage name of Music Luck is an underground hip-hop artist from Bhilwara, Rajasthan. He dropped his latest joint ‘तांडव’ on the occasion of Shivratri. He is very new to the scene and has been rapping for about 7-8 months and runs a shop to earn his bread and butter. Creating music in his free time to make a career in hip-hop is his dream.

Lucky is very new to this scene and has hardly released 6 tracks but his passion towards music can be seen through each one of them. He has also done a remix of San Cha‘s ‘7uck Mainstream’. The latest track that he did is called  ‘तांडव’ or ‘Taandav’ which is dedicated to Lord Shiva.


The whole track was mixed and mastered by the man himself. It has a catchy hook line which goes like, “Dekh ye hai taandav Mahaakaal kare jab taandav, Aadinath leke Trishul ghunje, Damru karta taandav.” After that, his verse made this track even more interesting. “Hai Rudraksh-Sarp-Chandra Chinh, jataao main hai Chandra-chinh/Aankh tisri mas-tashk par, charm lapete hai Shiv, manthan pe piya tha vish, aur Neelkanth vo hai Shiv”

This guy has a great potential in him and we wish a good future.

Listen “तांडव” By Music Luck Here: